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Classical Percussion at Syracuse with Michael Bell

Jazz with Joe Riposo

Jazz & World Music at UMASS Dartmouth with Chris Poudrier and Jamie Eckhert

Open Class Drum Corps Spartans of N.H. with Michael "Stan" Moore and Andy Kim

Professional Experience:

Josh has been drumming for over 17 years and teaching privately for 8! He has experience recording with a variety of groups and genres, from Rock, to Jazz, as well as Classical and Pop. He has had regular drumming gigs for the past eight years, and piano gigs for the past two. Josh also has experience instructing larger groups of musicians, he is a marching band instructor and arranger, as well as a visual arranger. Josh also teaches the Percussion Ensembles and Jazz Bands at Plymouth Public Schools. He's played in bands such as the "The Black Vines," "The Procrastinators," the "Dan Byrne Band," "Vinyl Dynasty," and "Birds Already."


Original music with "Black Vines"

Original music currently in production with "Birds Already"

Solo original music is also currently in production

Josh Hamblin

Drums,Percussion, Piano

Other Accomplishments:

Josh has a solid foundation in the understanding of the roles of many instruments in a typical band. He has experience teaching improvisation in a group, as well as producing and writing/recording music in a group and solo setting.

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